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You scared me with that title, man. I thought the series was ending.

Pretty good as always. Animation is excellent. I haven't watched these in way too long.

jerbjpg responds:

Thank you! :)

Wow, great work! I loved the animation! :D

Made me crack up so hard. xD Great job! I loved the animations with Root and the troll on the comment section scene!

jerbjpg responds:

Thanks for watching! JackCrum's idea of the internet really helps sell the idea!

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I like it! It's pretty fun. It reminds me of a game called "Wonderland" that I used to play. If you've never heard of it, that's okay (it's one of the most criminally underrated games ever). The controls are nice and responsive, too.

Man, PETA would hate this game.

This was a fun time waster, but you lose a star because the game kept thinking I hacked whenever I got a really high score. :P

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Awesome work here! Such a nice twist on the original. I love it!

Pulvite responds:

Haha, thanks. I actually made this before hearing the original. I just had midis :P

This was extremely fun to listen to. I wish there were better transitions between sections but aside from that I really enjoyed my time.

This is really unsettling, which I imagine was the goal. If so, you did a really nice job of it. Works great as an ambient loop to something spooky.

NekoMika responds:

Yup, meant for a fight against a fusion of two monsters who can only moan and mutter their last sane words before they melted together... :x

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I was really looking forward to your submission this year and as usual you absolutely killed it. The attention to detail is incredible. Amazing job.

Can't wait for the 4K wallpaper next year! :P

ScepterDPinoy responds:

After Pixel Day 2019. I promise but Soon. :)

Awesome work dude! I might just steak it for a wallpaper.

Urichov responds:

Good to know I'm on that level.

How have I not reviewed this already? It's ScepterDPinoy and Kirby, two awesome things in one!

All the little references are so clever. Cute!

Sometimes I like to press buttons that make sounds.

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