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Lately I've been getting stressed more and more because of stupid things on the internet, and I kind of want to take a break from pretty much everything, which means I (most likely) won't be active for a little while. So uh, I'll see you guys then.

I'm verified on Shazam!

2017-03-23 19:33:31 by Evilgrapez

I'm very happy to announce that I have been verified (A.K.A. I got one of those checkmarks next to my name) on Shazam! It's a huge accomplishment for me and my music. Thank you!


Two years ago, today, I took up music. Hard to believe it's been that long. To celebrate, everything on my Bandcamp (https://evilgrapezmusic.bandcamp.com/) is 90% off with the use of a discount code, including my album.

I'll try to have something special out today, but until then, thanks for everything! Here's to many more years of music.

Code: 2Years

Pixel Day is back! Booyah!

2017-01-21 11:19:51 by Evilgrapez

Happy Pixel Day! I'm really happy it's back. Actually one of my favorite parts of last year.

Anyways, this is the song I made to celebrate! Hope you enjoy. :)


Is it too late for a New Years post? Because this is a New Years post.

2017-01-09 12:18:30 by Evilgrapez

Hi guys! Last year I did a post for the new year, so I thought I should do one this year! I'm only nine days late!

Despite the fact that 2016 was horrible for other people, it was actually kind of great for Evilgrapez (the project, not me. I've always been horrible). A lot happened! The first of which would be that I joined a record label, Ocular Sounds. Sellou-

They're honestly amazing, and without them, I wouldn't have made it this far. I still have a long, long way to go, but thanks to them I can get there a little faster than if I had just been self-releasing all this time.

I made some huge milestones, like my one year anniversary. Since then my production skill has only gone up and up, and all the feedback on that song has helped me a lot. Thanks guys!

My album, Dreamscape, which I had teased a year back, finally hit pre-order, with one of my favorite tracks I've ever made. Huge step up from the previous two EPs, in my opinion.

I started doing music professionally, and became co-owner of a label with my Dad, which would be Deep River Music. To mark this occasion I released my track, Endgame, which would be the first single release on Deep River in over ten years (it existed before I joined. There's a little more information on the site). This would also mark when I teamed up with DistroKid, and started distributing my music to official stores.

I also released my collaboration with Ben Lepper, Sunlight, soon after. I'm mentioning it because I consider it one of my best songs I've ever made. It's what I've always been trying to make ever since I started music. I like it more than the whole Dreamscape EP. Oh, and speaking of which...

My album, Dreamscape, finally released, after a whole year of hard work, with it being my last release of the year. It's also on other stores, too.

That's all that happened this year, along with many other amazing things (did you know Warp Star was used a lot in Geometry Dash? Check it out!).

Anyways, here are some announcements.

I can officially confirm that Starflight V2 has begun development. So far it's turning out extremely well and I can hardly wait to show you all. It's what the original should have been. I'm not going to say much else, but I can confirm that it's a megacollab.

I can also confirm that Warp Star V2 will happen, in celebration of the Geometry Dash level.

I will also be participating in this year's Pixel Day, as well. Expect a sequel to The Plumber and The Princess!

I also opened submissions to my label, Deep River Music! If you have an unreleased song, then feel free to submit! You'll get a release on stores everywhere and it'll cost you nothing!

Here's another exciting thing. Some of you have been asking about Space Cadet V2, and whether or not it'll happen. Though it's reached one year in development now, I can confirm that it will happen, and it will happen this year, hopefully during Q1.

And in other news, I just recently released my first track of the year, Claustrophobia, to the world. Check it out!

I have several more exciting things coming this year, but yeah, that's all for now. Thanks for reading all of this, and thanks for being a part of my journey in music.

If you don't know about me, then check out my website for more information. It's a little outdated but it should be fine.

See you later!

Dreamscape Demo Reel!

2016-09-28 21:53:48 by Evilgrapez

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you guys. Remember my EP, Dreamscape, that was supposed to release September 23rd?


Well, it got delayed.




On the bright side, though! I released a demo reel, with previews of all the songs! So yeah, you can check that out. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/evilgrapez-music/dreamscape-demo-reel


It's so nice seeing things like this around the web while browsing randomly. Gives me a warm feeling inside. I can't sign up for the forum for some reason, so I'm just saying my Thank You here, if she ever sees this. :P


Just wanted to share that. Besides, my other News Post is old and no longer relevant. :P

Question about stuff

2016-06-10 11:41:26 by Evilgrapez

So, I noticed something odd. My remix of Way To You got ignored. Like, a lot. But when I submitted my new song, almost immediatly I got a review. So I asked my friend about it, and he said he didn't know the remix existed at all because it didn't appear in his feed.

So, I have a question for you all. Did my remix of Way To You appear in your feeds? Here's the song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/686934


I got new headphones! :D

2016-05-17 09:45:10 by Evilgrapez

This morning my wonderful father gave me a new set of headphones to work with because my old ones were broken! I can't thank him enough for this. These new ones are so much more comfortable, and they have so much more bass! I love them. I'll be able to produce again! Expect something new soon!


2016-05-14 12:17:48 by Evilgrapez

My headphones aren't fixed - this is just a song from an OST that I wrote about a couple months ago. But enjoy!